WMO – Climate change puts energy security at risk

According to WMO’s Annual State of Climate Services report whose main theme is on energy for this year, states that “..the supply of electricity from clean energy sources must double within the next eight years to limit global temperature increase”. Or else, there will be extreme climate consequences and renewable energy supplies will be adversely affected. 

WMO’S Secretary-General-Prof Petteri Taalas mentioned that the energy sector is the source of around 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and that switching to clean energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by net zero in 2050 is vital to the sustainability of our planet. He highlighted that “we will only get there if we double the supply of low-emissions electricity within the next eight years”.


Source : https://ane4bf-datap1.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/wmocms/s3fs-public/styles/featured_media_detail/public/news/featured_media/Screenshot_2022-10-10_093249.png